Archive of Past Events

Archive of Past Events
Summer Party: Burgers and Discounted Beer!
Thur March 21

SUMMER PARTY. Summer Music! Burgers! Coolers full of assorted beers for $6 bucks. Thermostat turned way up! All night. Wear summer cloths! (or don't....)
Delicious Fermented Drinks Dinner with Abe Schoener of Scholium Project and Tony Pellino of OEC Brewing
Tues April 16

We've always felt there was something of a kinship of intuition, character, and aesthetic between our friends Abe and Tony and between the wines and beers they make. It's been a scheme to drag them together to an event for a while and now that scheme has, thanks for some shared drinking, crystallized into reality. We'll be doing a five course dinner with each course paired with a Scholium wine, an OEC beer, and elucidation, musing, and contemplation from Abe and Tony, both of whom are legendary expounders. Seating limited. Email Mike at for tickets.