Archive of Past Events
Verticals on the glass list
July 3 through July 24

We're changing up the glass list for a while. Lots of verticals, that's multiple vintages of the same wine, on the list till we run out or decide to do something else. Probably a couple weeks? Learn about vintages! Learn more about cool winemakers and cool wines! Try them side by side! Exciting!
Nikhil and Trinity's Wild Ride
Wednesday July 25, 5p-late

Our buds Nikhil and Trinity are taking over the fortnight kitchen again. They're serving up raw fish and summer veggies and maybe something fishy and fried. It's going to be utterly delicious. Some decent wine too.

Winemaker Dinner with Joe Swick
August 27 7pm

Joe is not only one of our favorite wine makers, but also one of our favorite people. He makes great wine in Oregon and makes bad jokes everywhere. We're cracking open our deep cellar of Swick goodies for this one, get ready for some cool stuff. 5 Courses, lots of wines, 1 Joe Swick. $80 a ticket, limited seating. Email to reserve your spot.