Archive of Past Events
Guest Chef Andy Alexandre of Ruffian Wine Bar a la carte with native son Nick Lawing Guest Bar Tending
Wednesday June 6, 5p-late

Guest Chef Andy Alexandre of Ruffian Wine Bar and previously some of Mike's favorites Marlow and Sons and (the sadly gone) Tabla. Andy's food is fucking amazing. Check it out. Plus an actual professional bar tender, our buddy Nick Lawing of Ten Bells and hometown hero! It's gonna be a legit establishment in here! Don't miss it!

New Cycle of Intro Wine Class Begins
Tuesday June 12, 6:30p

We're starting our next cycle of wine class. Unit one, Acid, Body, and Tannin begins on Tuesday June 12. This is not you're usual wine class, over five units we explore what's known about what's in your glass, and wine making techniques, wine aging processes, and things you can do yourself that produce and change what's in it. At the end we hope everyone can 1) understand wine jargon and speak with wine professionals in a clear way that gets you what you want, 2) be able to have serious conversations with winemakers, 3) understand fairly deeply what we do know about wine, so the magic of everything we don't stands out like a radiant beacon. Email for more information and to enroll.