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An Afternoon of Extremely Obscure Gay Cinema
Sunday Decemeber 8, 12p-4p

Our friend Bryan who teaches film at RISD (and does lots of weird mindbending stuff also) will be with us for an afternoon of extremely obscure gay cinema! We wil lhave the projector set up showing "He Was One" (a short by Mary Hestand), "Dottie Gets Spanked" (a featurette by TOdd Haynes), and "Penda's Fen" (a Feature by Alan Clarke). Wine and snacks of course!

Itinerant Kitchen: Mike Makes Cassoulet and Joe Swick Somms
Monday Decemeber 9

Cold weather means its time for Cassoulet. Mike's making two kinds, one a traditional cassoulet with tons of meat (confit duck, susage, etc) and one vegetarian one that is maybe even better and also probably more like what the dish started out as when it was peasant food before the wealthier townfolk made it their own. Also, Joe Swick is in town so we're making him Somm.

BIG FEELING Ice Cream Social
Thursday December 12

Alex Maddelena doesn't make ice cream. He makes BIG FEELINGS about ice cream. What extraordinary flavor combination will he come up with next?! Also we'll do that thing where we pour bubbly booze with the ice cream. Ice cream floats in crazy beer. This thing just keeps getting better.

Itinerant Kitchen: Luke and Michelle of Far West and Wennie Wizard Fame
Monday Decemeber 16

Michelle and Luke are in the Itinerant Kitchen. Wowza! We're very excited to see what comes out of it!
Justin DeWalt of Chartrand Imports Shucks and Pours
Thurs December 19

Our friend Justin who works with Chartrand imports to bring some truly delicious wines to us will be at the bar Thursday December 19th! He's not only pouring wines from Fred Niger of Domaine de L'Ecu in Muscadet and John and Nicole Bojanowski of Clos Gravillas in Minervois (and a few others), he'll also be shucking oysters. Come make this dude work!

Drie Fonteinen Winter Solstice Celebration with Hearty Flemish Food
Saturday Decemeber 21

Chris and Joe got in a really cool selection of the legendary Drie Fonteinen Beers. Drie Fonteinen is the only remaining traditional geuze blender in Belgium, using only 100 percent spontaneously fermented lambik beer, aged in oak casks, with no artificial sweeteners or other additives. Chris and Joe are marking hearty flemish food to go along with it. Moules-frites!

A Very Special Itinerant Kitchen: Ian's Mom and Mike's Mom and a Feast of Seven Fishes
Monday Decemeber 23

When we realized this itinerant kitchen was on Decemeber 23rd we first thought, no one is going to want to do this...then we thought our Moms will totally do a Seven Fishes Feast. We asked them, and because they are our mothers and love us they said "YES!" Family style seven fishes dinner including family style wine. Limited seats. Email Mike at FortnightPVD.com for tickets.
Itinerant Kitchen: Mark Bryson of Binge BBQ
Monday December 30

Mark Bryson makes the best BBQ in Rhode Island as far as we can tell. He's also amazing at cooking all sorts of other things! We're pumped he's back and excited to see what he gets up to. Come eat!

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