Indian Food! Yay!
Tuesday January 23, 6:00pm-late

Join the Untouchables: Coriander, Coconut, and Chutney for a bona fide taste of Indian (or at least British Colonialism). Stuart and Heather are serving up samosas, paneer, lamb curry, chicken liver masala, spiced white lentils, and a lentil donut with curry coconut ice cream. Get the goods while they last.
Stuart and Mike's Anti-super bowl extravaganza
Sunday February 4, The Whole Damn Time!

Stuart is English and Mike is a grump and they don't care about football (american). They do care about superbowl snacks though. Come eat nachos, wings, queso, and all sorts of other ridiculous foods. Drink good booze. Play silly games. Wear silly hats. Don't watch football.
Winemaker Open Table with Kelley Fox
Tuesday February 13, 8:00pm-late

Kelley is a great wine maker. Her wines are wonderful. She's a diligent and careful and dedicated grower of grapes. She mostly makes Pinot Noir from two of Oregon's great vineyards; Momtazi and Maresh. Mostly we don't want to talk about her wines though (although they are worth all the verbiage they get and more). We'd rather just talk about Kelley. She's salty and soulful in equal measure. She's one of our favorite people in the world. Come hang out at the big table and drink with us. We're so excited for you all to meet her!
Winemaker Open Table with Ben Casteel
Wednesday February 14

That's right, back-to-back winemaker open tables, back-to-back Oregon! Ben is back at Fortnight and we're gonna let him work a little less hard than last time when we had him behind the bar until 1am. This time we're gonna kick back around the big table, shot the shit, tell stories, and drink Ben's delicious wine. Come kick it with Ben. Help Mike is his campaign to get Ben to let him make some wine with west block fruit. You won't regret it!

Winemaker Open Table with Marco Sara
Monday February 19, 9p-late

Marco is a straight up Friulian farmer dude. He's a third generation wine maker working vineyards that are generally about a hundred years old. He focuses on varietals that have been part of Friulian viticulture for hundreds of years like (Tocai) Friulano, Refosco, and, wait for it, Cabernet Franc (yeah, that's a thing). He's a serious winemaker in a mud on the boots, on the downlow sort of way. Come hang. It's gonna be great.

Scholium Project Wine Dinner with Abe Schoener
Wednesday February 21, 7-10

A lot of people think of Abe as a sort of warrior poet/mad scientist winemaker. We think of Abe more as a teddy bear winemaker. We are not sure who is right. We do know we're incredibly excited to be a part of bringing Abe and his wonderful wines into Rhode Island. We're gonna fete this exciting happening for wine drinking in little Rhody with a 5 courses, lots of wine, yarn spinning, story telling, wine dinner in the best fortnight style featuring Abe himself as MC. Abe has been a good friend of ours for a long time and we're counting on you all to help us show him a special time in RI. We're sure he and his wines will do their part. We're sure you will do. Seating limited. Email to reserve them.

Fortnight Bar Trivia!
Monday February 26

Fortnight's first ever bar trivia night. Be ready for questions like "What color does Liz hate most?" "What is the funniest malady Stuart has suffered while working at Fortnight?" "Who was the last person in Great Britain to be executed for blasphemy?" "What grape makes up most Cognac?" and others. Win great prizes, like Stuart recording your voicemail and maybe a funny hat! tr>

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