Archive of Past Events

Archive of Past Events
Justin DeWalt of Chartrand Imports Shucks and Pours
Thurs April 18

Our friend Justin who works with Chartrand imports to bring some truly delicious wines to us will be at the bar not only pouring wines from Fred Niger of Domaine de L'Ecu in Muscadet and John and Nicole Bojanowski of Clos Gravillas in Minervois, he'll also be shucking oysters. Come make this dude work!
Wine Dinner with Remi Dufaitre
Wed April 24

Remi is a gamay whisperer, he makes incredibly beautiful, elegant wine in Beaujolais, mostly in Brouilly and Cote de Brouilly. Mike did Harvest there in 2014, it was great and inspiring and like summer camp where everyone was French and drunk all the time. This dinner will be really good. Seating limited. Email Mike at for tickets.
Pau Suriol of Can Suriol Guest Bar Tends
Sat April 27

Our friend Pau, the youngest of the Suriol brothers, is in town. He's a really nice dude, who speaks an impressive number of lanaguges, and whose family has been farming and making wine in Castell de Grabuac in Font-Rudi in Catalonia for likw 600 years. We're gonna put Pau behind the bar and pour a bunch of the wines he and his family make. The wines are great and widly cheap for how good they are. Come check it out and say hi to Pau!
Wine Dinner with Hank Beckmeyer of La Clarine Farm
Thursday May 9

Although we were actually unimpressed with the first wine we ever tried from Hank way back in like 2009 or 2010, we were quickly set straight, realized our horrible error, and have been enjoying Hank's delicious and unique wines for nearly a decade. We've also pour a ton of them for you at the bar. We're lucky to host Hank again, this time for a wine dinner. 5 courses, tons of wines, things out of magnum, Hank's charm, don't miss out! Seating limited. Email Mike at for tickets.