Archive of Past Events

Archive of Past Events
Lobster Rolls and White Burgundy
Sunday January 13, All Night

Stuart feels like making Lobster Rolls and Ian feels like drinking white burgundy and thus we will serve lobster rolls and glasses of white burgundy. One of the world's great wine parings. Souls will sing. Angels may cry. Hang out with Stu and Ian and get in on this joyous action.

Andi Spreitzer of Weingut Josef Spreitzer
Friday January 18

Andi Spreitzer of Weingut Josef Spreitzer visits and pours Rheingau Riesling. The Spreitzer estate, founded in 1641, is one of the oldest in the Rheingau. Come try some cool wines, hang out with Andi, and talk about the Rheingau, recent vintages, and the joy of Riesling.

Fortnight's Third Annual Friend Chicken and Champagne Dinner
Wednesday February 6, 5:00pm-Close

It's fried chicken and champagne time again! Lizzie's fried chicken! Champagne from our friends at Wine Traditions. What could be better? Champagne and fried chicken, like harry and sally, milk and oreos, facebook and fake news. But really, come Wednesday.

Fermentation Wine Dinner with Abe Schoener of Scholium Project and Tony Pellino of OEC Brewing
Wednesday February 21, 7-10

We've always felt there was something of a kinship of intuition, character, and aesthetic between our friends Abe and Tony and between the wines and beers they make. It's been a scheme to drag them together to an event for a while and now that scheme has, thanks for some shared drinking, crystallized into reality. We'll be doing a five course dinner with each course paired with a Scholium wine, an OEC beer, and elucidation, musing, and contemplation from Abe and Tony, both of whom are legendary expounders. Seating limited. Email Mike at for tickets.
Intro Wine Class Begins Again
Monday March 4, 6pm

Fortnight Intro Wine Class begins another cycle. 5 units of 4 classes each. Meets once a week on Mondays. See units below and email Mike at for details. Unit 1: Acid Tannin and Body Unit 2: Lees, Bubbles, and Sugar Unit 3: Skins, Stems, Seeds, and Wood Unit 4: Oxygen Unit 5: Wine Faults and Flourishes