Archive of Past Events

Winemaker Open Table with Marco Sara
Monday February 19, 9p-late

Marco is a straight up Friulian farmer dude. He's a third generation wine maker working vineyards that are generally about a hundred years old. He focuses on varietals that have been part of Friulian viticulture for hundreds of years like (Tocai) Friulano, Verduzzo, Refosco, and, wait for it, Cabernet Franc (yeah, that's a thing). He's a serious winemaker in a mud on the boots, on the downlow sort of way. 5 wines, 2 verticals, cabernet franc from eastern italy (it's been there for hundreds of years, seriously) and a sweet passito! Come hang. It's gonna be great.

Scholium Project Wine Dinner with Abe Schoener
Wednesday February 21, 7-10

A lot of people think of Abe as a sort of warrior poet/mad scientist winemaker. We think of Abe more as a teddy bear winemaker. We are not sure who is right. We do know we're incredibly excited to be a part of bringing Abe and his wonderful wines into Rhode Island. We're gonna fete this exciting happening for wine drinking in little Rhody with a 5 courses, lots of wine, yarn spinning, story telling, wine dinner in the best fortnight style featuring Abe himself as MC. Abe has been a good friend of ours for a long time and we're counting on you all to help us show him a special time in RI. We're sure he and his wines will do their part. We're sure you will do. $85 tax and tip included. Seating limited. Email for tickets.

Fortnight Bar Trivia!
Monday February 26

Fortnight's first ever bar trivia night. Be ready for questions like "What color does Liz hate most?" "What is the funniest malady Stuart has suffered while working at Fortnight?" "Who was the last person in Great Britain to be executed for blasphemy?" "What grape makes up most Cognac?" and others. Win great prizes, like Stuart recording your voicemail and maybe a funny hat!
Binge BBQ Popup
March 6 5p-10p

Amazing BBQ from guest chef Mark Bryson of Binge BBQ in Newport. We love Mark, but what we really love is his BBQ. We're pumped he's back. Come eat.
Vittorio Navacchia Guest Bartends
March 10

Our friend Vittorio is back at Fortnight! He's the mastermind behind Tre Monti, making absurdly delicious wines in Emilia-Romagna. Come let him pour you his wine. They're good.

Weenie Wizards Popup
March 11

Luke and Michele! Hot Dogs! Wine and Beer! Happiness! Get in on this!

White Burgundy and Lobster
March 21 5p-late

One of the world's great wine parings. Flights of white burgundy. Lobster cooked by the Fortnight Crew. Souls will sing. Angels may cry. Basically we're super excited about this.

Fredi Torres and Xurxo Alba Wine Dinner
Wednesday March 28

Two wine makers at one dinner! Fredi Torres of the eponymous Fredi Torres wines of the Priorat and Montsant and of Silice in Galicia and Xurxo Alba of Albamar, also in Galicia. These are two of the most exciting wine makers in Spain right now, making wines of really beauty and character and challenges assumptions about the regions they work in. Pretty amazing to get to meet them and drink them both at once. 5 courses, lots of wines, witty banter, illuminating discussion. Seating limited. Email for tickets.