Archive of Past Events

Alvaro bar takeover
December 10 2016

Alvaro from Selections de la Vina guest pours starting at 8:30. Come by!
Fried Chicken and Champagne
December 15 2016

Thursday night, eat fried chicken and taste delicious champagnes from our friends over at Wine Traditions. Champagne and fried chicken, like harry and sally, milk and oreos, facebook and fake news. But really, come Thursday.
Cocktail Night
December 21 2016

Wednesday night, cocktail historian and mixologist Sam Eilertsen will be coming to Fortnight to make drinks and read from his podcast, 'Cocktail History.' Come out to learn more about historical drinks and sip on eccentric spirits.
Christmas Drinking
December 25 2016

Tired of debating your uncle about the existence of climate change? Wondering what you are going to do with the rest of your night since everywhere is closed and you already ran out of booze? Come to fortnight from 8p-12a for drinks.
Cocktail Night
January 4 2017

Wednesday night, cocktail historian and mixologist Sam Eilertsen will be coming to Fortnight to make drinks and read from his podcast, 'Cocktail History.' Come out to learn more about historical drinks and sip on eccentric spirits.
Nick Gorevic guest bartends!
January 15 2017

Nick Gorevic of Jenny and Francois will be at fortnight to guest bartend and pour some great wine. If you're lucky he may even wear that hat. (We haven't confirmed this with him yet)
Grand Opening
January 19 2017

Cocktail Night
January 25 2017

Wednesday night, cocktail historian and mixologist Sam Eilertsen will be coming to Fortnight to make drinks and read from his podcast, 'Cocktail History.' Come out to learn more about historical drinks and sip on eccentric spirits.
Sean Thackrey Guest Bartends
February 9 2017 7p

Sean Thackrey is and has been producing wines with his own hands for nearly four decades. His wines are made drawing on methods and techniques from ancient and medieval wine making texts, something endearing to the historian trained hearts of half of the cooperative here at fortnight. Facoring this historical approach and eschewing many modern technological wine producers, Sean was rejecting the rules of scientific wine making before it was what all the cool kids were doing. Come try the wines, they are an experience.
Matt Mollo Guest Bartends
February 19 2017 5p-1a

Matt Mollo, despite spending far too much time in Boston, is a cool guy worth hanging out with. The fact that he will be sharing some of the phenomonal Italian wines he imports is an even better reason to come
Ben Casteel Guest Bartends
March 2 2017

Ben is the winemaker at Bethel Heights, a vineyard and winery established by his parents outside of Saleem Oregon which boasts some of the oldest and prettiest vines in Oregon. He is also a great guy. Come drink his wines with him!
Chris Barnes Guest Bartends
March 16 2017

Chris Barnes is a good friend, a good guy, and, perhaps most importantly, half of the Jose Pastor team that imports some of the best Spanish wines you can find in America. Come help Fortnight show our buddy a good time.
Tre Monti Wine Dinner
March 17 2017

Vittorio is the mastermind behind Tre Monti, making absurdly delicious wines in Emilia-Romagna. Come break bread and share with him and us at Fortnights first sit down winemaker dinner.

Tickets must be purchased in advance. $75 includes food, wine, tax, and tip. Purchase at the bar or email mike(at) with the number of seats desired and a phone number to confirm.
Jason Malumed Guest Bartends
April 13 2017

Jason Malumed of MFW, a great importer of delicious French wine, is an old friend of an old friend and a new friend we are happy to have. Since we and the great people at Campus Fine Wine and Best Beverage brought some of the wines MFW imports into Rhode Island you have been loving them. Come meet one of the people behind all that happiness while we dragoon him behind the Fortnight bar and pour MFW wines all night, many never before seen in RI. 4:30-1.

April 18 2017

Join us on Tuesday, April 18th for amazing BBQ with guest chef Mark Bryson from Binge BBQ in Newport. Mark will be serving his amazing BBQ (see menu on left) from 4:30-11:00. We'll have a great selection of beer and wine to go with the food. It's gonna be hot.
Joe Swick Guest Bartends
April 20 2017

Joe is one our favorite people in the wine world and someone we are very lucky to count as a friend. He also makes some of the best and most exciting wines in Oregon. We cajoled him into spending the high holiday behind the bar at Fortnight with us pouring a ton of those aforementioned delicious and exciting wines. He will also talk to you and probably make some silly faces. Come check it out, you won't regret it.
Summer Cocktail Night
June 21 2017

Wednesday night, cocktail historian and mixologist Sam Eilertsen will be coming to Fortnight to serve a special menu of summer drinks. Margaritas of all kinds, watermelon arrack punch, and strawberry mojitos are all on the agenda. PS - In Stuart's words, we are "completing the summoning ritual for the evil spirit of Aruba Steve.
Hank Beckmeyer Guest Bartends
June 22 2017

We're pumped. Hank Beckmeyer of La Clarine farm is a cool dude who makes cool wines. If you're cool you'll be there.
Dirty and Rowdy Wine Dinner
July 2 2017

Our good friend Hardy Wallace is making his inaugural trip to Fortnight and he's throwing down (so are we we guess...). A selection of wines sent to RI specifically for this dinner, some other goodies, and a four course meal prepared by us. Plus Hardy is the best, like seriously the best. $80 a ticket, limited seating. Email to reserve your spot.
Selection da la Vina Guest Bartending
July 13 2017

Our friends Alvaro and Anna from Selection da La Vina are back to Fortnight pouring some top Spanish wines. We promise good times and great wines and maybe some Olneyville system action later.
Damien Laureau Behind the Bar
July 21 2017 6p-10p

Damien makes wonderful wines in Savennières from one of our favorite grapes, Chenin Blanc. Savennières has always been at the forefront of making great dry Chenin Blanc and Damien is continuing this tradition today with wines that display both the unique quality of Savennières terrior and his own viticultural and vinification acumen. We're pumped to have him, and we think once you taste a his wines, which we will be pouring across cuvees and vintages, you will be too.
Winemaker Dinner with Joe Swick
July 24 2017

Joe is not only one of our favorite wine makers, but also one of our favorite people. He makes great wine in Oregon and makes bad jokes everywhere. He promises to bring some special stuff along with selections from our own deep Swick cellar. 4 Courses, 5+ wines, 1 Joe Swick. $80 a ticket, limited seating. Email to reserve your spot.
Pax Mahle behind the bar
Sunday July 30, 5-10ish

Pax makes great wine in Sonoma under the Wind Gap and Pax labels. He is also a funny dude with a big heart. Because of these things we forgive the fact that is far too tall. We also strongly encourage you to come check out the wines. We are very sure you will not be disappointed.
Diego and Nick Guest Bartend
Thursday August 24, ALL NIGHT

That's right, Rhode Island's two best expat wine bartenders are coming back to the cradle. Diego Perez, beloved man behind lost Provi treasures Flan y Ajo and Bodega Malasana, and now enduring the horrors of the Bay Area while crushing it at Ordinare. Nick Lawing, renowned man behind the bar at the Ten Bells, a wine bar possibly as good as Fortnight (lolz), and native son of South County. We're letting these two manics behind the bar and into our cellar to pour some dope juice. It's gonna be wild. It's gonna be crazy. Also Mickey. Also Viva Flan y Ajo.
Wine Traditions Wine Dinner with Ed and Barbara
Monday August 28

Barbara Selig and Edward Addiss have been importing elegant, classic, and downright delicious wines from France for 21 years! Their company, Wine Traditions, is one we have a ton of respect for and we're excited to be hosting what promises to be a special night with them at Fortnight during their annual Rhode Island trip (Barbara and Ed love RI, another strong mark in favor). The dinner will feature 7 wines curated by Ed and Barbara (with a focus on skin contact white and light reds) along with 4 courses and dessert made by the Fortnight crew. We also promise some enlightening, education, amusing, and endearing stories as Ed and Barbara MC the dinner. Tickets $75, limited seating, email to get them.
Anthony Lynch Open Table
October 23, 6p-9p

Anthony Lynch, son of iconic wine importer Kermit Lynch, is visiting Fortnight. Anthony has taken on a leading role in the family company and we're excited to have him stop by the bar. Come sit around the big red table with Anthony and us and drink and talk wine!
Dinner with winemaker Danilo Marcucci
October 16, 7:00pm

Danilo Marcucci is one of the animating forces of a revolution taking place in the world of Italian Wine. Between the three projects he is personally responsible for and the half dozen other vineyards and wineries he works with in pursuit of a shared vision of more elemental and pure wines Danilo is doing as much as anyone else in Italy in terms of shaping the future of one of the world's great wine cultures. We're incredibly excited and lucky to have Danilo at Fortnight and think this will be one of our best winemaker dinners yet. Dinner features 6 wines, a mix of wines from each of Danilo's personal projects: Ceppaiolo, Campanino, and Conestabile della Staffa, along with 5 courses prepared by us. Tickets $75, limited seating, email to get them.
Riesling Roundtable
Wednesday November 29, 6p-11p

Drink riesling. It's delicious.
Wine Dinner with Vincent Fritzsche, wine maker, cool dude
Monday December 4, 7p

Back in 2015, Liz and Mike pedaled their way in the driving rain up the Eola Hills in Oregon, where they helped Vincent with the first punch down of his 2015 reds. Now, we get to drink those reds together, and with all of you. It's going to be a great dinner. We'll try Vincent's 4 2015 reds and 5 other wines, along with THREE two vintage verticals that let us taste how both vintage and time effect Vincent's wines (all good things, we promise). Vincent is a rare, straight-up nice guy who we're pumped to host. Come join us for 5 courses prepared by us and a night of great wine from a great winemaker. Tickets $75, limited seating, email to get them.