Fortnight is a casual, experimental wine bar driven by a love for all things delicious and well-made. It's crazy that one fruit (and one varietal!) can produce such different tasting wines, and we think that letting those grapes do their thing makes the most intriguing wines of all. So we pour lots of world-class, naturally and biodynamically produced wines made with minimal chemical and technological interference.

Our beer program is also focused on small-batch producers who are thoughtful about their trade. Who are kept up at night by the problem of how to make their stuff better. Our unusual, esoteric, and adventurous selections not only reflect the ethos of fortnight but paired with our food, will provide for a spectacular (we hope!) experience.

This ethos extends to our food program, designed to eliminate food waste. Most restaurants throw away up to 50% of the food they buy, which is bad for people who need food, bad for farmers who make it, really bad for you, who spends more money on your wine making up for that waste, and super sad for us, who want you to try all the weird delicious wines we found. To avoid that whole disaster we're focusing on foods that get better with time - pickles and brines, braises, rillettes, smokes. So we can serve inventive, creative, delicious food without having to throw mountains of it away when it spoils. And we're dedicated to keeping prices low, even for the good stuff.

For us, cooperatives are 'employment goals': the way all work would be if we had the choice. At Fortnight, everyone who works at the bar is an owner, and all owners work at the bar. So we're personally invested in the project, and decisions about the business are made by the folks on the ground, night in and night out. All sorts of services can benefit from a co-op structure, and beyond fair compensation for our time, profits from Fortnight will be recycled back to our broader project of building sibling cooperatives in other areas. Not all of us are chefs, we don't all know where the negroamaro grape is grown; maybe we teach, fix bikes, farm, or practice law or play music. fortnight's success will allow the development of other local Providence cooperatives, and through these we'll keep building a network of people doing work that feels good for them and for our community.

Can't wait to see y'all at fortnight. And don't get dressed up to come drink - our wine, beer, and food is sourced from folks who spend most of their time in a field somewhere covered in dirt, juice, sweat. You know, the way we all want to live.

Fortnight members

Elizabeth McDonnell

Mike da Cruz

Mackenzie Holway

Ian Augustine

Kat Bishop

Joe Skitka