Fortnight is a casual, experimental wine bar with a love for all things delicious and well-made.
Monday 11/18 Itinerant Kitchen: Craig and Aaron w/ Riesling and Ribera Sacra

Tuesday 11/19 Tim Gagnon of Selection Massale Guest Bartends

Monday 11/25 Itinerant Kitchen: The Legendary Andrew Kientz in the kitchen

Monday 12/2 Itinerant Kitchen: Liz Makes Fried Chicken and We Pour Champagne

Sunday 12/8 An Afternoon of Extremely Obsurce Gay Cinema

Monday 12/9 Itinerant Kitchen: Mike Makes Cassoulet

Thursday 12/12 Bubbles and Ice Cream with Alex of Big Feeling

Monday 12/16 Itinerant Kitchen: Luke and Michelle of Wenie Wizards and Far West BAM!

Saturday 12/21 Drie Fonteinen Winter Solstice Celebration with Hearty Flemish Food

Monday 12/23 Ian and Mike and Their Mothers Make a Seven Fishes Feast